TurboTax Perfect Personal & Small business

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The perfect personal and small business tax solution.

Uncover industry-specific deductions

Searches for unique deductions personalized to you and your line of work. Covers industries including online sales, rideshare, personal and professional services, tech consulting, construction, and more.

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Common write-offs

Whether you’re a freelancer, side-gigger, independent contractor, small business owner, or
have multiple sources of income, we’ll help you get every deduction you qualify for.

  • Freelance designer
    • Studio rental
    • Tools & supplies
    • Design association fees
  • Real-estate agent
    • Marketing materials
    • Mileage
    • Home office
  • Rideshare driver
    • Car repairs
    • Insurance
    • Mobile phone
  • Consultant
    • Training courses
    • Computer & software
    • Business travel

Your industry-specific deductions reviewed by a CPA

Connect with a CPA or EA for a final review of your personal and small business taxes before you file.

Effortless expense tracking, year round

Save time and make managing your self-employed expenses easier all year with complimentary effortless expense tracking, automatic mileage tracking, and simple receipt capture from QuickBooks Self-Employed. Easily import expenses from the QuickBooks Self-Employed app during tax prep.