Payment Depot Review

Pioneers Merchant Services is a trader account administration that enables you to acknowledge POS, coming up, portable, and online installments easily. Giving a wide assortment of equipment alternatives, Leaders likewise has business subsidizing, web architecture, and more to assist proprietors with kicking start their organizations, regardless of whether it’s on the web, out of your carport, or in numerous branches the nation over. Cordial client assistance and low rates top off this extraordinary offer.

  • Straightforward enrollment evaluating
  • Genuine month-to-month charging
  • No application or arrangement charges
  • Free passage and virtual terminal
  • Following day subsidizing accessible
  • Great client care
  • Not very many open objections
  • US-based shippers as it were
  • Not appropriate for high-chance vendors


In the event that you like shopping at wholesalers like Costco, you’ll love Payment Depot’s participation expense valuing.

Not at all like most payment processors that energize you profoundly checked rates on your deals, a Payment Depot participation has no rate based markups at all. Beside the discount costs that go to the Visa systems and banks (not to Payment Depot), you simply pay a fixed, unsurprising month to month charge for access to the Mastercard handling systems close by a little $0.05 – $0.15 expense on every exchange. No additionally wheeling and dealing about rates with salesmen or stressing that you’re not getting the most minimal rates conceivable. Your participation expense covers it. Preparing rates essentially don’t get lower than the discount trade and evaluations expenses.

Beside the worth gave, Payment Depot’s notoriety for open, fair deals rehearses and great client care put it in front of a significant number of its rivals utilizing this generally new estimating model.

Things being what they are, how can it work? Most suppliers offering exchange in addition to evaluating will charge “trade + markup” rates, with the markup including both a little level of the deal and a for each exchange expense. You’ll additionally bring about a few month to month and yearly charges for singular administrations, for example, PCI consistence and record explanations. Conversely, Payment Depot’s model joins all your month to month expenses into a solitary month to month participation going from $49 to $199 every month, contingent upon which plan you pick. You’ll likewise pay lower handling rates, with the end of the rate markup. Your rates will be the trade rate, in addition to a for each exchange expense that differs somewhere in the range of $0.15 and $0.05 per exchange, contingent upon your estimating plan.

Will this sort of evaluating set aside you cash? Of course, it relies upon a few components. You’ll be paying Payment Depot’s participation charge each month whether you utilize your record or not, so it doesn’t bode well for regular traders or organizations that just incidentally process Visa exchanges. For an independent venture, the participation charge alone may surpass what you’d pay for handling under a progressively traditional valuing plan. Bigger organizations, be that as it may, will as a rule see critical reserve funds over conventional exchange in addition to estimating with Payment Depot.

That participation charge doesn’t simply cover your ordinary record expenses, nonetheless. It likewise incorporates an additional sum intended to mostly compensate for the absence of a rate markup on your exchanges. You’ll need to investigate your normal ticket size and what number of exchanges you ordinarily process every month to decide whether this valuing model will set aside you cash. Dealers who every now and again process bigger tickets will set aside the most cash.

Payment Depot utilizes First Data and TSYS Merchant Solutions as backend processors, which implies you’ll approach the amazing gear and administrations of one of these bigger organizations. You’ll likewise get a lot of lower preparing rates than you would for the most part get by joining with First Data or TSYS straightforwardly, particularly for littler organizations that don’t have much arranging force when managing the bigger processors. Client support for your record is additionally dealt with straightforwardly by Payment Depot, which will by and large mean you’ll have a considerably more wonderful and individual experience in the event that you have to call for help.

Payment Depot accounts are month-to-month, however you can likewise get a good deal on your enrollment expenses by paying them yearly rather than month to month. Yearly participations are secured with a 90-day fulfillment ensure, so dealers who are not happy with their administration inside the initial 90 days will be discounted their enrollment charges (not trade expenses or exchange expenses, obviously). This is a reasonable, sensible offer, and should give you some genuine feelings of serenity.

In general, we’re adequately intrigued with Payment Depot to grant them an ideal 5 out of 5 stars. The basic, moderate evaluating structure is a much needed refresher in an industry that over and over again includes befuddling rates, shrouded charges, and poor client support. Generally mid-to enormous estimated organizations ought to have the option to spare a lot of cash over going with an increasingly customary processor. There are a couple of provisos, be that as it may. Payment Depot is just accessible in the United States, so global clients won’t have the option to exploit what they bring to the table. The organization likewise doesn’t favor high-chance vendor accounts, so in case you’re in this class, you’ll need to look somewhere else. Our article, The Best High-Risk Merchant Account Providers, is a decent spot to begin.

Items and Services

Rating: Excellent

Payment Depot has every one of the bases secured with regards to highlights your business should acknowledge charge cards. Here’s an outline of their essential contributions:

  • Shipper Accounts: Payment Depot is certainly not an immediate processor. Or maybe, they join forces with First Data and TSYS – two of the biggest charge card processors in the nation – to give preparing administrations. Payment Depot will set up and deal with your record, yet you may need to manage your backend processor every so often. Except if you’re utilizing the Clover POS line (which requires a First Data account), you’ll in all likelihood be set on the TSYS stage.
  • Payment Gateway: For internet business traders, Payment Depot can incorporate a payment portal into your site. Authorize.Net (see our audit) is the most well known choice, however different doors are additionally accessible. Entryway expenses have all the earmarks of being incorporated as a major aspect of your month to month participation charge, however you’ll need to affirm this when you audit your understanding.
  • Virtual Terminal: All of Payment Depot’s estimating plans incorporate a free virtual terminal that enables you to utilize your current PC as a Mastercard terminal. You can enter in exchanges or swipe them utilizing a discretionary USB-associated card peruser.
  • Purpose Of-Sale (POS) Systems: As a First Data affiliate, Payment Depot offers this present processor’s prevalent line of Clover POS frameworks (read our audit). Costs for this hardware are an invite expansion to the site since our last update.
  • Visa Terminals: Payment Depot advances the Verifone Vx520 terminal, which supports chip card exchanges just as NFC-based payment strategies, for example, Apple Pay and Android Pay. You can purchase your terminal by and large for $299, while a terminal is incorporated for nothing at higher participation levels. You could presumably snatch the Vx520 for under $300 on the off chance that you look around on the web, yet purchasing legitimately from Payment Depot implies your hardware is secured by a full guarantee for whatever length of time that you keep your record open. In the event that you as of now have a perfect terminal, Payment Depot can reconstruct it for nothing. The organization additionally records a few different models that are accessible for direct deal on their site, including the First Data FD130 and the Poynt Smart Terminal, among others.
  • Versatile Payments: Although not at present advanced on the site, Payment Depot has cooperated with Swipe Simple to offer its portable application and card perusers. The application is accessible for the two iOS and Android and takes a shot at both cell phones and tablets. Look at our Payment Depot Mobile survey for more data about the application, just as selective rates for Merchant Maverick perusers.
  • Following Day Funding: Technically this is accessible, on the grounds that as long as you bunch out by 5 PM Central time, you will get reserves the following day. This can be hazardous for west coast organizations, in any case, so Payment Depot’s financing is additionally portrayed on the site as “24-48 hour subsidizing.” Regardless, when you set up your very own day by day group plan, you will get stores day by day.

Payment Depot additionally offers eCheck (ACH) handling, internet shopping basket coordination, and engineer devices for website specialists. They don’t reveal a lot of data about these items on their site, so get some information about them in the event that you’ll require them for your business.

The organization gains an “amazing” rating for this classification. While a large portion of their items and administrations are given through outsider associations, the nature of what they bring to the table is exceptionally high.

Expenses and Rates

Rating: Excellent

Payment Depot offers four institutionalized participation estimating plans that are intended to address the issues of most traders. Institutionalized plans offer a few focal points, including disposing of the need to arrange the rates and terms of your agreement, just as giving very clear straightforwardness about what you’ll be paying in expenses each month. Here are the present subtleties of each plan:

Essential Membership

This is Payment Depot’s entrance level offering and is intended to address the issues of little or new companies. This is what you get:

  • $49 month to month charge
  • Trade + 0% + $0.15 per exchange
  • $25,000 month to month most extreme handling volume
  • Virtual terminal and payment portal included

Most Popular Membership

Intended for medium sized shippers, this arrangement offers lower preparing rates in return for a higher enrollment charge.

  • $79 month to month charge
  • Trade + 0% + $0.10 per exchange
  • $75,000 month to month most extreme preparing volume
  • Virtual terminal and a payment portal included
  • Ledge terminal or portable card peruser included
  • Information break assurance included
  • Premium/organized client care included

Best Value Membership

This enrollment plan is perfect for a bigger, progressively settled omnichannel business. It accompanies the accompanying standard highlights:

  • $99 month to month expense
  • Exchange + 0% + $0.07 per exchange
  • $200,000 month to month greatest preparing volume
  • Virtual terminal and a payment door included
  • Ledge terminal or versatile card peruser included
  • Information rupture security included
  • Premium/organized client assistance included

Chief Membership

Intended for very enormous organizations, this estimating plan incorporates every one of the fancy odds and ends you could need and offers the most minimal handling rates.

  • $199 month to month charge
  • Trade + 0% in addition to $0.05 per exchange
  • Boundless most extreme handling volume
  • Virtual terminal and a payment passage included
  • Ledge terminal or portable card peruser included
  • Stick cushion included
  • Information break security included
  • Premium/organized client service included
  • Free terminal overhaul at regular intervals

On the off chance that you like to pay your enrollment expenses every year rather than month to month, you can spare near two months of membership charges through the span of a year, while additionally exploiting the 90-day chance free preliminary. Converse with Payment Depot about these evaluating points of interest, since the yearly payments are never again recorded on the site.

Custom Plans

While Payment Depot’s institutionalized plans dispense with the requirement for consulting for most shippers, you can in any case request a redid arrangement if none of the offered plans meet the extraordinary needs of your business. Tweaked plans are a decent approach on the off chance that you have equipment or programming needs that aren’t secured by any of the standard plans. It’s additionally conceivable that your specific mix of normal ticket size, number of exchanges every month, and all out preparing volume would be ideally serviced by a type of mixture plan.

Picking The Best Plan With Payment Depot

While the best arrangement for your business must fall inside the promoted month to month most extreme preparing limits, there are different contemplations too. To decide the genuine “best worth” enrollment level for your business, you should likewise look at the exchange of the normal number of exchanges you regularly process every month, just as your normal exchange size. Fundamentally, disregard the names of the plans (they’re only for advertising purposes) and crunch the numbers for your very own business.

While the different enrollment levels and estimations may appear to be a bit of overwhelming from the outset, fortunately if your business exceeds your present arrangement, Payment Depot makes it simple to move up to the following most elevated arrangement. All things considered, remember that inside every enrollment level, the more you process, the more practical the arrangement becomes. Obviously, with a month to month enrollment that you pay paying little mind to the amount you process, it’s likewise certain that Payment Depot’s valuing isn’t intended for regular or smaller scale vendors. These organizations are ideally serviced by a specific outsider processor like Square (see our survey). With the end of Payment Depot’s $29/month plan, this has gotten progressively evident.

Be that as it may, in the event that you simply need a practical versatile preparing application and a portable card peruser, look at the Payment Depot Mobile arrangement with the Swipe Simple application. The arrangement is customized at low-volume traders with a little month to month charge and level rate preparing. You’ll have to utilize the connections on our site to have the option to pursue this extraordinary rate.

Different Fees

Payment Depot’s institutionalized membership plans spread all the different expenses that most suppliers charge you independently for, making your month to month costs considerably more unsurprising. Here’s a rundown of expenses you won’t be charged by Payment Depot:

  • PCI Compliance expenses
  • Explanation charges
  • IRS revealing charges
  • Application and arrangement expenses
  • Contractually allowable charges
  • Garbage/concealed charges

Despite everything you’ll experience some infrequent expenses that are charged by your processor and gave to you at cost. These incorporate any chargeback expenses, just as all Mastercard organize charges and appraisals that are gone through alongside your exchange expenses. Counsel your shipper understanding for subtleties on these and different expenses. You ought to likewise take note of that Payment Depot will charge you a month to month PCI rebelliousness expense of $19.99 on the off chance that you don’t keep your record in consistence. The presence of this punishment charge (yet not the sum) is uncovered on their site.

Payment Depot wins a “superb” rating in this class. Not exclusively are their charges and rates completely uncovered, but at the same time they’re sensible and exceptionally focused. The organization guarantees that dealers spare a normal of $400 with their estimating, and we’re slanted to accept this isn’t a distortion.

Agreement Length and Early Termination Fee

Rating: Excellent

One of the most appealing highlights of Payment Depot’s administration is that all records are set up with genuine month-to-month charging. Payment Depot doesn’t uphold its backend processors’ standard Terms and Conditions, which normally stipulate long haul contracts and contractually allowable charges. You additionally won’t need to stress over programmed reestablishment statements, which make it hard to close your record before it’s recharged for another term.

Your association with the organization will at present be secured by a shipper understanding, in any case, so make certain to altogether survey any terms and conditions that join your application. As a rule, Payment Depot doesn’t require notification ahead of time to drop a record. On the off chance that you have just run exchanges during the month you’d like to drop, Payment Depot will quickly process the wiping out, yet then timetable the genuine conclusion to occur toward the month’s end with the goal that the present month’s expenses can be gathered.

While giving month-to-month charging is a developing pattern inside the preparing business, Payment Depot offers a choice to pay every year and save money on participation expenses. This is additionally where the 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee becomes possibly the most important factor. In the event that you have paid a yearly enrollment however aren’t fulfilled and choose to drop, basically let them know and return any gave hardware. You’ll get a full discount of any enrollment charges you’ve just paid, or a customized discount in the event that you drop following 90 days. Normally, you won’t get a discount of any preparing charges you paid during this time – just enrollment expenses. You will pay a 20% restocking charge for any hardware you return.

Payment Depot gains a “brilliant” rating in this class since they offer genuine month-to-month charging with no contractually allowable charges to all shippers. It doesn’t beat that!

Deals and Advertising Transparency

Rating: Excellent

Payment Depot’s site is very expert looking and simple to explore. Since the organization utilizes institutionalized participation estimating plans, they’re ready to completely uncover what your costs will be with each arrangement. Most suppliers do exclude valuing data on their sites, somewhat on the grounds that it will differ starting with one trader then onto the next, yet in addition since they don’t need you to realize how costly it will truly be until after you’ve marked your agreement. Participation estimating makes it simple to offer full valuing exposures since everybody pays a similar sum under each arrangement.

Simultaneously, straightforwardness endures a smidgen since this kind of packaged estimating darkens the amount you’re paying for singular administrations. For instance, Payment Depot doesn’t charge a discrete PCI consistence expense, yet you can wager that at any rate a little piece of your participation expense is going toward administrations, for example, security checks that help to keep your record agreeable.

I’d likewise be more joyful if Payment Depot would give a duplicate of its present trader concurrence on the site. While the organization isn’t attempting to conceal anything here intentionally, this would enable imminent traders to get familiar with subordinate expenses, (for example, chargebacks) that they may be at risk for notwithstanding the participation charges. While your enrollment expense and preparing charges will typically be your lone costs, there are continually going to be additional expenses now and then.

Moreover, I’m not a colossal aficionado of some of Payment Depot’s showcasing. Outlines and designs on the site will in general be unclear and over-rearranged. Other advertising materials give the feeling that you’ll just be charged “discount rates” and “no markup,” and that Payment Depot some way or another removes all the agents. In actuality, you do pay Payment Depot (which is a go between, alongside First Data or TSYS) a markup over discount preparing rates. The markup is simply as the participation charge and exchange expense, rather than the conventional rate markup of a typical trade in addition to design. Eventually, I wish Payment Depot would concoct a superior method to clarify their naturally straightforward valuing structure.

Managing salespeople is frequently one of the most horrendous pieces of setting up a shipper account, for the most part because of the need to arrange your rates and terms, and furthermore on the grounds that numerous suppliers utilize autonomous deals specialists to sell their records. You won’t have these issues with Payment Depot. With institutionalized participation designs, there’s no compelling reason to arrange except if you truly need a custom arrangement. Your rates and terms are now explained. You should simply choose the arrangement that is best for your business, and the organization gives enough data on the site for you to do that before you ever converse with a business operator. Additionally, the organization utilizes in-house operators, so you won’t be exposed to the high-pressure deals strategies that autonomous specialists as often as possible utilize.

Despite the fact that there are a couple of minor enhancements we’d like to find in Payment Depot’s promoting endeavors, the organization gets an “incredible” rating in this class on the grounds that their evaluating is institutionalized and completely revealed on their site.

Client assistance and Technical Support

Rating: Excellent

Payment Depot offers day in and day out client care by both phone and email. Note that you’re bound to arrive at a full-time organization worker in the event that you call during business hours, which are 7 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, Monday-Friday. Some specialized help issues will be at first secured by the processors (First Data or TSYS) outside of these hours, yet Payment Depot likewise assigns a worker to screen every single afterhour bolster demands all day, every day.

One improvement we’d like to see is an online knowledgebase for clients with data on the best way to take care of normal issues. Payment Depot doesn’t offer this alternative right now, despite the fact that there is a fundamental FAQ on the site.

Payment Depot wins acclaim for its client service from a considerable lot of the dealers who offered tributes, which is a decent sign. A stunningly better sign is the general absence of analysis on this issue among the couple of protests against the organization that we had the option to find. Poor client support is a typical issue among trader account suppliers, and the nonappearance of protests about this issue is a decent sign that the organization is working superbly around there.

The organization acquires a “great” rating in this classification for giving a full scope of client care choices, and for their notoriety for top notch support among shippers who’ve remarked on the issue.

Client Reviews

Rating: Excellent

Not at all like most dealer administrations suppliers, Payment Depot has a lot of positive criticism and not many grumblings from vendors. Normally, it’s the a different way. It’s great to see that such a large number of vendors set aside the effort to post positive remarks about the organization.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Payment Depot has been licensed by the BBB since 2015 and right now has an A+ rating. The organization has included just a single protest inside the most recent three years. Two negative surveys (out of an aggregate of four) have likewise been documented by clients. There are a little bunch of grumblings on Trustpilot and Yelp, yet most are a couple of years old. Generally speaking, the all out protest volume is surprisingly low.

Perusing the audits, I don’t perceive any upsetting examples or signs of fundamental issues. In the event that there is a repeating theme, it’s that a large portion of the issues were at last the duty of the backend processor (typically First Data.) sometimes, Payment Depot’s model just was certifiably not a solid match on the grounds that the business was too high-chance or excessively little. The extraordinary news is that Payment Depot reacts in detail to each grumbling, conceding botches when they occur and giving discounts where suitable. We were especially dazzled to see individual reactions to certain protests from Payment Depot’s COO.

As of now, we’re fulfilled that Payment Depot is giving incredible assistance to clients and making suitable move to help the modest number of vendors who haven’t had a decent involvement in the organization.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Payment Depot has four video tributes posted on its site just as on its YouTube channel. Every one of them are proficient looking and convincing. The organization likewise welcomes its clients to leave surveys on Trustpilot, and even posts a portion of those audits directly on its landing page. At the hour of composing this, 83% of the 270 analysts on TrustPilot have granted the organization a 5-star rating — a generally excellent batting normal. The positive surveys for the most part tout the cash traders have spared through the organization’s membership based evaluating and the amazing client assistance they’ve gotten.

On the off chance that you’ve had any close to home involvement in Payment Depot, it would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to leave a remark. We’re continually searching for input from our perusers about the organizations we audit.

Payment Depot acquires a “phenomenal” in this classification because of their low protest volume and the sizable number of positive tributes that traders have submitted for their sake.

Last Verdict

There are a lot of valid justifications to prescribe Payment Depot. Month-to-month charging, unsurprising month to month costs, and fantastic client care are largely positive highlights that make them stand apart from the greater part of their rivals. In any case, it’s their participation based valuing that will be the most significant factor for most shippers in choosing whether to utilize them or an alternate organization. Will you set aside cash with this kind of evaluating? On the off chance that the appropriate response is indeed, at that point they’re an astounding decision. On the off chance that you have a steady preparing history and skill much you process every month and what your normal ticket size is, you can make a sensibly precise gauge of what your costs will be under one of the organization’s enrollment plans. In case you’re simply beginning or your expenses shift generally every month, it will be more enthusiastically to make an exact examination.

Our examination of Payment Depot’s participation plans proposes that organizations that are settled and have a handling volume of at any rate $10,000 every month will set aside the most cash. Underneath that sum, you may really wind up paying more than you would with Square (see our audit) or a comparable supplier. Know, nonetheless, that you won’t get a full-administration trader account with Square or any of the other payment specialist co-ops (PSPs), and your record may be solidified or ended without see whenever. On the off chance that your business is little, however observing unfaltering development, Payment Depot might be a superior decision over the long haul. Recollect that it’s anything but difficult to move up to an alternate participation plan if your business exceeds the preparing furthest reaches of your present arrangement.

In general, Payment Depot keeps on scoring an exceptionally noteworthy 5 out of 5 stars. We’re exceptionally content with their responsive client assistance, and their enrollment evaluating plans will prompt reserve funds in preparing costs for most of traders who pursue them. It’s additionally simple to drop in the event that you join and later understand that their valuing model doesn’t work for your business. On the off chance that none of the organization’s institutionalized valuing plans will work for you, make certain to request custom evaluating. You may have the option to arrange a blend of costs and highlights that fit better with the necessities of your business than their standard plans. In conclusion, high-chance traders are in a tough situation, as Payment Depot doesn’t bolster these sorts of organizations. In case you’re in this class, investigate our article The Best High-Risk Merchant Account Providers for certain proposals.

Pioneers Merchant Services is a trader account administration that enables you to acknowledge POS, coming up, portable, and online installments easily. Giving a wide assortment of equipment alternatives, Leaders likewise has business subsidizing, web architecture, and more to assist proprietors with kicking start their organizations, regardless of whether it’s on the web, out of your carport, or in numerous branches the nation over. Cordial client assistance and low rates top off this extraordinary offer.