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In a Nutshell

LendingTree gives borrowers a chance to exploit the challenge between close to home advance moneylenders to access better terms, rates, and advance sums, notwithstanding for those with not exactly excellent credit. It enables clients to analyze offers at the same time, engaging them to settle on the best choice dependent on their one of a kind conditions.


  • Enormous system of dependable loan specialists
  • No expenses for associating with advance suppliers


  • Not an immediate bank, which means rates can change
  • Explicit data on credit types lacking
Loan TypesSecured and unsecured personal loans
Loan Amount$1,000 to $50,000
Repayment Terms3-180 months
APR3.99% – 35.99%
Credit ScoreNone
Best ForComparing a variety of loan options


LendingTree was made with the particular objective of disentangling the credit research process. Established in 1996, it has rapidly turned out to be one of the main web based loaning commercial centers, enabling clients to analyze offers from a few trustworthy moneylenders all the while. LendingTree has a large group of understood loaning foundations in its system and can furnish clients with an unrivaled scope of advance alternatives for each need. It is essential to take note of that LendingTree isn’t straightforwardly a loan specialist, however can enable you to discover the financing you requirement for any reason.

Best For?

Borrowers who need to think about different credit offers

On the off chance that you want to think about your credit choices before settling on a last decision, LendingTree presents a perfect arrangement. The best part about LendingTree is that you can stay away from the muddled procedure of applying for a few credits independently, or doing extraordinary research individually. Rather, LendingTree handles all the truly difficult work by conveying a rundown of moneylenders that are probably going to support you for a credit at advantageous terms.

Borrowers with terrible credit

In the event that you have awful credit, LendingTree offers an ideal arrangement since it works with such a large number of various moneylenders, implying that you are bound to discover an advance that suits your needs. The plan of action depends on advance suppliers going after your business, which by and large implies you will get progressively positive advance terms and sums.

Advance Features

The most evident element that stands apart is the quick procedure for finding the correct advance. Typically, inquiring about advances and finding the correct supplier could take weeks or even months. LendingTree has adequately streamlined the procedure, and takes only a couple of minutes to demonstrate you potential loan specialists that match your needs and financial soundness by utilizing a solitary pre-capability application.

LendingTree offers individual credits for an assortment of reasons, including restorative costs, significant spending, and even obligation combination. It can commonly offer incredible financing costs because of its aggressive commercial center, where moneylenders will seek a borrower’s the same old thing, and not the a different way. In addition, on the off chance that you have to see the genuine effect of an advance, or your normal reimbursements, you can utilize one of LendingTree’s incredible number crunchers to comprehend a potential credit’s budgetary effect.

LendingTree’s features:

  • A broad gathering of shrewd articles and aides
  • A focused online advance commercial center
  • A solitary application to prequalify for generally moneylenders
  • Utilize your advance for any reason
  • Access a wide range of advance items
  • Find unbound individual credits for up to $50,000
  • See the ramifications of your credit with incredible reimbursement number crunchers
  • Remarkable client support

The Application Process

To begin, round out a solitary application that pre-qualifies you for a scope of various advances. This structure does not request any delicate individual subtleties, rather concentrating on your contact data and some money related particulars like your pay level, lodging status, and comparable information.

LendingTree’s underlying application does exclude a hard credit pull, so your scores will stay unaffected. When you have been affirmed, which takes a couple of minutes as a rule, you will be appeared at any rate 5 alternatives that match your reliability and credit sum prerequisites. In the wake of picking the best choice, you will complete the process of applying legitimately with the bank chose.

LendingTree offers a wide range of credit terms and sums. Regardless of whether you have not exactly immaculate credit you ought to get endorsed without breaking a sweat gratitude to LendingTree’s broad system of loan specialists.

LendingTree prerequisites:

  • US native or changeless occupant
  • At any rate 18 years of age
  • A certain financial balance
  • A relentless wellspring of salary

Besides, LendingTree additionally audits your obligation to-pay proportion, checks topographical area, and plays out a delicate credit request to help improve the probability of advance supplier endorsement. A lower FICO assessment does not imply that you will be denied an advance, in spite of the fact that it may bring about higher financing costs. It is important that while LendingTree does not require any further subtleties, the loan specialist you are coordinated with might make explicit solicitations to finish your application. When applying with LendingTree, try to have the accompanying reports arranged:

  • Ongoing paystubs
  • Confirmation of living arrangement
  • A government provided ID, for example, your international ID or driver’s permit

By and large, the financing costs and terms offered by LendingTree’s accomplices are amazingly focused. Also, LendingTree is entirely adaptable and will give you a chance to utilize the assets for generally purposes.

LendingTree offers to coordinate you with moneylenders that can enable you to access financing for explicit purposes, for example, significant spending ventures, home enhancements, and obligation combination. While LendingTree does not set loan costs itself, its moneylenders for the most part offer financing costs between 3.99% – 35.99%. Remember that these rates may fluctuate from moneylender to bank.

Reimbursement Terms

LendingTree offers a phenomenal scope of reimbursement terms for its clients. While explicit credit terms are settled upon with the bank you select, LendingTree’s accomplices offer advance terms that may extend from as meager as 3 months to as much as 180 months. Loan costs are additionally exceptionally focused, extending from 3.99% – 35.99%. One of the advantages of LendingTree is that you can look at rates and terms over a few contenders to discover the alternative that best suits your needs, notwithstanding for a similar credit sum. It is essential to note, notwithstanding, that LendingTree does not legitimately set your financing cost or reimbursement term. The organization works with trustworthy loan specialists, who offer straightforward terms and will consistently arrange legitimately with you before you consent to any arrangement.

Protection and Security

The security of your data is a top concern when utilizing an administration that offers individual information with advance suppliers. LendingTree perceives this worry and addresses it by finding a way to ensure your information. While LendingTree shares your data with outsiders, it commits genuine exertion to guarantee security, and is straightforward about how that data is utilized and with whom it is shared. Also, the organization uses solid encryption on the entirety of their website pages, implying that any data you offer is very much ensured and put away on secure servers.

Client Service

In general, LendingTree’s client administration is exceptionally effective. You can arrive at the organization by phone on weekdays and Saturdays during business hours, just as by means of email. The organization places huge accentuation on training as well-pondered credits and individual funds. There is no FAQ area to be on the site, yet by and by it’s anything but difficult to discover a large portion of the significant data you’ll require on the site.

How LendingTree Compares

With regards to APR rates, LendingTree is equivalent to Even Financial or Credible. Be that as it may, where LendingTree truly stands apart from Credible and other top organizations, is its absence of least financial assessment necessity, which means banks its system will offer advances to borrowers who have not exactly perfect credit. Indeed, even Financial requests a generally low least FICO rating with 580, though Credible just acknowledges borrowers with FICO assessments more than 680.

As far as advance sums, LendingTree has a moderately low greatest, which means it’s better in case you’re searching for a littler advance. On the off chance that you have to cover a bigger cost, Credible is a decent choice with a $50,000 greatest and Even Financial pulls ahead with a $100,000 most extreme. Be that as it may, LendingTree offers a ton of adaptability as far as its credit terms, offering advances from as short as 3 months as far as possible as long as 180 months.


Does LendingTree charge any expenses?

LendingTree does not charge any expenses for placing you in contact with a loan specialist. You just round out the online application and you will see distinctive credit choices inside only minutes.

My financial assessment isn’t extraordinary, is this an issue?

There is no base financial assessment required so as to get a credit encouraged by LendingTree. Moreover, when applying for an advance with LendingTree you won’t be required to run a hard credit pull, which can influence your score. While you can at present get endorsed for an advance even with not very good credit, remember this will in general mean you will get an advance with less positive terms.

What are the prerequisites for accepting a credit?

LendingTree necessities are very clear – you should be a U.S native or lasting occupant, you should be at any rate 18 years of age, and you should have an unquestionable financial balance and an unfaltering wellspring of salary. Remember that once you connect with a particular loan specialist you might be requested more documentation.

What would i be able to utilize my credit for?

LendingTree doesn’t stipulate any ironclad necessities for how you utilize your credit. The banks the organization joins you up with can give verified and unbound individual advances from $1,000 to $50,000 for any reason you need.


By setting the power in the hands of borrowers, people looking for financing can exploit the challenge between LendingTree’s moneylenders to access better terms, rates, and advance sums. LendingTree offers a solitary direct application for associating borrowers to loan specialists and an easy to use loaning system that can even oblige borrowers with not exactly outstanding credit. Thinking about the wide assortment of credit purposes and types, LendingTree can enable you to get the assets required for practically any circumstance comprehensible at good rates intended to coordinate your special conditions. In spite of the fact that not legitimately a moneylender, LendingTree’s system conveys probably the most aggressive loan costs accessible nearby credit sums intended to cover your most squeezing financing needs.

Physical Address

LendingTree LLC

11115 Rushmore Drive

Charlotte, NC


Shop and compare everything. Even loans.