What is CStoreHub?

CStoreHub.org is the only web destination dedicated to the $600Billion Convenience Store Industry. Our proprietary digital & mobile portals: StoreGigs, ServiceR, and CStorePro provide free solutions to the day-to-day issues faced by store operators like hiring staff, getting your store serviced and ordering: store wholesale products, supplies & equipment!


StoreGigs.com is the only dedicated job portal for the $200Billion convenience store industry. StoreGigs gets rid of the paper job applications and helps connect candidates and store hiring managers seamlessly! And it’s completely free to use. Some of the key features:

  • Job candidates can instantly apply to multiple CStore jobs with one-click and see all available jobs on the platform.
  • Employers can chat with candidates directly through the StoreGigs website or Mobile App, including sharing work-related documents like weekly job schedules!”
  • Candidates can complete the job application including the ability to upload identification & work authorization documents online through the StoreGigs website or mobile app!”


StoreServiceR.com is the first & only digital portal that enables store operators to be able to order high-quality essential store services like landscaping & lawncare, store interior cleaning, store exterior cleaning & pressure washing, and store maintenance & handyman services among many others at the lowest possible prices!


CStorePro.org is the first & only web/mobile destination for the convenience store industry for sourcing store products, store supplies and store equipment all online. CStorePro assists store operators by helping them find the best deals on store inventory, store supplies and store equipment. We do this by applying our proprietary research and physically scanning the web to find the best deals from top eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, WalMart, and many wholesalers nationwide. The CStorePro website and mobile app are completely free to use!

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