Top Convenience Store Insurance Options

Convenience stores are the go-to stores for almost any bare essentials we need. These are widely known as corner shops or bodegas in the east, and are always stocked with a variety of products and everyday items. Toiletries, groceries, snacks, soft drinks, newspapers, magazines and sometimes even sandwiches, these stores are more important than we think.

Sometimes, these convenience stores provide us with other essential services like fax machines, money orders, check cashing, and even wire transfers. These kinds of stores experience a decent amount of cash flow every year but at the same time, there are risks involved.

Crime, vandalism, crashing economy, and other unexpected catastrophes can affect these stores adversely. The best way to secure yourself from any of these untimely losses is to get your store insured.

From general liability to property insurance, there are many different types of insurances convenient store owners can opt for. Here is a list of all the top insurance companies offering convenience store insurance:

1. Allrisks Ltd.

Allrisks Ltd. is one of the largest insurance providers in the country. It covers all your commercial business insurances from car dealerships to medical stores. They have a long list of clients only for their convenience store insurance schemes. They cover insurances throughout the nation including the state of Hawaii.

With general liability insurance starting from $750, Property Insurance at $500 minimum, and other liabilities like liquor and package, this company helps keep small businesses safe from unfortunate situations that might occur during their lifetime.

They help store owners go through complicated insurance packages and decide the one that is best suited to their store’s specific needs. Allrisks ltd. has helped plenty of small business owners and convenient store owners and is expanding their service options to other sectors as well.

2. American International Group Insurance Agency

AIG Insurance is a well-reputed insurance agency. They are a large organization that has been lending support to multi-million and small businesses from the year 1919. AIG provides its clients with property coverage, including canopy, signage, Commercial Liability,
Employee Dishonesty, Workers Compensation, Gasoline Coverage, Pollution Liability, and Liquor Liability, worldwide (in around 80+ countries).

AIG is dedicated to make lives easier for local business owners and protect them from vandalism and untimely catastrophes. They help owners go through every detail of their safety requirements and settle on the best possible service.

3. Coverwallet

Coverwallet is yet another major insurance provider that is part of the Aon company and is one of the most trusted insurance providers. They cover almost all retail insurances like: General Liability, Business Owners Policy, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella, and Professional Liability.

Their new platform has evolved into a better interface for various different business owners that helps them choose the right insurance they need. They have specific packages that vary from insurance coverage and services. With options like basic, standard, pro and custom premium payment options, this company is defying all odds to help secure small businesses.

4. Legends Environmental Insurance Services

Legends Environmental Insurance Services is another platform that provides small business owners with the right insurance they need. This company’s coverage’s can be combined into various packages like liability and can be split out into different Monoline services. They cover: General Liability, Property, Inland Marine, Crime, Underground Storage Tank, Liquor Liability, Propane Tank Coverage, and Sign Coverage.

However, at the moment they are not providing services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and there are certain insurance caps for Mississippi. Legends Environmental Insurance is widely known in Ohio, Wisconsin, Arizona and Indiana, and are soon expanding their services nationwide.

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